Preventative Maintenance Requirements

Lets talk about the exciting world of preventative maintenance!

Everyone knows it has to be done, in fact ASME, CMAA, OSHA, and the manufacturers all require it. Yet most people don’t do it.


For a number of reasons: Out of sight, out of mindThese units are up in the ceiling, and as long as they are working, no one puts much thought into them. Another factor is time. Maintenance personal are busy people. They need to keep every machine up and running so product flows out the door. There just isn’t time to work on working equipment.

Whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that it needs to be done. Lack of lubrication is one of the leading causes of equipment failure, and equipment failure is costly. For example, lets take the simple act of lubricating the chain. When a chain lacks lubrication, it wears. This is what we call “stretch”, because the inner link wear elongates the chain. When this happens, it no longer fits into the liftwheel, which is specifically sized for that chain. This wears the liftwheel, and the guides that surround it, and in extreme cases, can even break the frames, which hold the guides. With labor, that repair would cost upwards of $1500 with the hoist being out of service for 5-15 days. Ouch! If you figure in your downtime too, you are looking at a very costly repair. And that’s just for the chain…

As parts become more expensive, and the manufacturers are more and more looking at hoists as being “disposable”, it becomes increasingly important to protect the investment you've already made.

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