Do you Need Specialized Lifting Equipment?

Does your application need specialized lifting equipment?  

Do you need to lift at two points from one crane?  

Do you need adjustable options to be used for multiple applications?

Lifting beams are the safest way to lift products from multiple points.  These can be adjusted to accommodate unbalanced loads.  Lifting beams are available with swivel hooks, eye bolts and shackle plates.  They can be built with non-conductive materials to insulate against sparks and can be built for ultra-low headroom applications.  

Check out our lifting beam options below:

Adjustable Length Lifting Beams with Swivel Hook Bottoms


Adjustable Length Lifting Beams with Shackle Bottoms


Adjustable Economy Lifting Beams


Twin Hoist Lifting Beam


Ultra Low Headroom Lifting Beams


Low Headroom, Multiple Length Standard Lifting Beam


Non-Conductive Lifting Beam


Small Length Lift Beams - Lift Bale Top


Coil Lifters