CM is increasing prices March 11, 2013

Update to this post (2/22/13) - Price files now online here.


CMCO is raising prices on March 11th.  We have not received the up to date price files, but they will be posted as soon as they are available.  Please see below for what we have been told regarding raises:

Below is a more defined summary of categories and increase amounts:

  • Manual Hoists, Powered Chain Hoists, and Trolleys: 4.5%
  • Wire Rope Hoists and Crane Components: 3%
  • Bulk Hoist Load Chain and Hand Chain: 4%
  • Carbon and Alloy Chain and Assemblies: 4%
  • Specialty Rigging (farming, towing etc): 4%
  • Parts: 6.5%

Exceptions include:

Manual Hoists Powered Chain Hoists Forgings Wire Rope Hoists
LSB: 10% Lodestar: 0%
(classic and new)
Standard Forgings: 0% 700 & 800 Series: 6.5%
LHH: 9%
Hurricane: 0%

Another change that has come to our attention is a Modification Charge for Non-Standard Lifts

In order to maintain consistency across our product lines, CM will be instituting a Modification Charge for all non-standard lift hoists. The Modification Charge will become effective on the upcoming price books being released March 11th, 2013. 

This charge will apply to all non-standard lift hoists for $52 list price.

Products affected by the Modification Charge: Coffing LHH and LSB and the CM Hurricane and 653.


Please let us know if you have any questions and check back here in the future to see price files.

Thank you!